Between the Lines 05 – Inwardness


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“This is what must be rejected – all the lying, hypocritical, conceited confusion which hidden inwardness has brought about.

There is hardly one man in a generation who is profound enough to have, or unfortunate enough to be obliged to have a hidden inwardness. But nothing is more dangerous than to cut men loose and give up all control, and allow each man to give assurance about all that his hidden inwardness conceals. And nothing is more contrary to Christianity, Christianity which, above all, wishes everything to be made manifest. It is to a certain extent true of me that I was unfortunate enough to be obliged to go about and conceal a hidden inwardness. For that very reason, because there was some truth in me, I am the one who was given the task of throwing some light on this point.”
(Søren Kirkegaard quotation)

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