Between the Lines 03 – Depression


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“What, then, is depression? It is hysteria of the spirit. There comes a moment in a person’s life when immediacy is ripe, so to speak, and when the spirit requires a higher form, when it wants to lay hold of itself as spirit. As immediate spirit, a person is bound up with all the earthly life, and now spirit wants to gather itself together out of this dispersion, so to speak, and to transfigure itself; the personality wants to become conscious in it’s eternal validity. If this does not happen, if the movement is halted, if it is repressed, then desperation sets in. One can try a great many things to consign it to oblivion; one can work , can snatch at more innocent remedies than a Nero, but the depression continues.

There is something unexplainable in depression. A person with a sorrow or a worry knows why he sorrows or worries. If a depressed person is asked what the reason is, what it is that weights on him, he will answer: I do not know; I cannot explain it. Therein lies limitlessness of depression. This answer is altogether correct, because as soon as he knows what it is, it is eliminated, whereas sorrow in the sorrowing one is not eliminated by his knowing why he sorrows. But depression is sin, is actually a sin instar omnium (that stands for all), for it is the sin of not willing deeply and inwardly, and this is a mother of all sins.” (Søren Kirkegaard quotation)

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